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Info! Discounts of over 25% on all Hosting Services Semi Dedicated Servers!
SemiDedicated represent a re-sharing as close as possible to reality total resources of a physical server. We offer servers SemiDedicated with optimized kernel and free GameCP license to create your own hosting.
Now you no longer have to depend on a game hosting provider you can be the one yourself!

Hosting packages semidedicated servers

Choose the package you think suits you best
  • SemiDedicated - 1

    De la €30,00/monthly

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    • Virtualization Kernel Own

      RAM 4GB DDR3 ECC

      CPU 2 Core Intel Xeon

      HDD 50GB


      IP addresses 5

      DDOS protection included

  • SemiDedicated - 2

    De la €60,00/monthly

    Buy now
    • Virtualization Kernel Own

      RAM 8GB DDR3 ECC

      CPU 4 Core Intel Xeon

      HDD 100GB


      IP addresses 8

      DDOS protection included

  • SemiDedicat - 1

    De la €80,00/monthly

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    • Virtualization Kernel Own

      RAM 12GB DDR3 ECC

      CPU 8 Core Intel Xeon

      HDD 150 GB


      IP addresses 12

      DDOS protection included

Create your own hosting company

With the packages offered by us you can create your own hosting company!
On all packages you have included installation GameCP & WHMCS Free, free customer support, SMS payment method + full ddos protection and access to documentation and modules / addons through the PRO Management Plan(10 euro / month)

Internet network

Data Center integrates multiple distinct gigabit connections using only HP and Cisco network equipment. This configuration ensures maximum accessibility and security against cyber attacks.


Using only premium servers, the solid data center infrastructure, and the technical team with extensive experience; make hosting services 99.9%.

Technical assistance 24/7

Do you have the knowledge to manage a server or do not have the time? Our team will work for the smooth operation of the services on your server.

Guaranteed protection

We offer professional hosting services with Protection Hardware Firewall. Protection is provided by multiple Cisco and Juniper routers.

Instant activation

All services are automatically enabled after payment confirmation. Depending on the availability of the chosen server, your server will be online on average within 24 hours.

State-of-the-art equipment

We use the latest and most efficient multi-core servers, assembled by world leaders in creating dedicated servers of high efficiency and innovation. All servers are carefully tested before being used in production.

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